G Suite免费版(G Suite legacy free edition)本来又免费又够用,但是Google为了推出按月订阅收费的G Suite商务版本(包括G Suite Basic,G Suite Business和G Suite Enterprise),搞了一大堆限制,包括之前的不活跃自动删号,不能修改主域名等等。刚看到又多了一条条款,自从2019年11月份,G Suite legacy free edition升级后不允许降级。之前是升级后还有10天试用的缓冲期,就是10天内如果你后悔了还能降级(这是不是可以用来修改主域名?)。

Changes to upgrades starting in November 2019

When you upgrade from G Suite legacy free edition to G Suite Basic, G Suite Business, or G Suite Enterprise:

  • You immediately switch to a paid G Suite Basic subscription
  • You can’t downgrade your account back to G Suite legacy free edition
  • Note: If you upgraded before this change, you have the option to downgrade during the 10-day trial period.

From https://support.google.com/a/answer/2855120?hl=en

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